Are dogs allowed on the boat ?

Dogs are allowed as long as their presence do not incomodate other guests.

In case of inconvenience you will be invited to wait for the next boat.

Are they luggage lockers at the St-Léonard train station?

No, this service is not available in St-Léonard.
You will find lockers in the stations of Sion and Sierre, both located one stop away from St-Léonard.

At what time does the tour start?

The first boat in the morning starts 20 minutes after the first guests arrive, the last one starts at 5pm (5.30 pm in July and August)
Over the day it starts every 45 minutes, more often in peak season or over the weekends.

Do I need to book in advance ?

No, except for the groups (20 people or more), it is not possible to book your tour in advance. The tours start every 45 minutes, more often in peak season or over the weekends. Once you buy your ticket at the desk your seat is booked on the next available boat, in the meantime you can relax and enjoy our terrace and souvenir shop.

Do you have a restaurant on site ?

We offer drinks & snacks, such as pizzas, burgers, sandwichs, icecream, etc…

Note that you will find a couple of restaurants within walking distance.

How can I reach the Underground Lake by train / public transportation ?

Please use the schedule here to find the next train to St-Léonard.
Once at the train station follow the signs, 1 Km walking distance.

How cold is it inside the cave ?

Temperature is 15 Celsius and the tour lasts about 30 minutes.

Is it allowed to bring food or drinks on board ?

Food and drinks are not allowed on the boat during the public tours. You are welcome to enjoy our terrace and bar before and after the tour. If you do wish to share a drink while underground, you might book a private tour with an aperitive on board.

Is the site accessible to people with reduced mobility ?

To access the boats it is necessary to walk downstairs about 50 steps. You will need to climb them on the way back.

You can assess the situation here using the virtual tour : http://goo.gl/maps/JRWzz.

The site is not accessible with a wheelchair.

Is there a lower age limit for children?

All kids are welcome.
However please remember that the tour lasts 30 minutes and that there is no way to go back once it is started.
Therefore we do not recommend to bring children under 2 years old.

Is there a luggage locker room at the Underground Lake ?

No, however you might leave your luggage on the boarding deck during the tour.
Lac Souterrain de St-Léonard S.A. declines any responsibility for theft and/or loss of personnal belongings on the premises.

Is there transportation available between St-Léonard train station and the underground lake?

No. The Lake is 1km walking distance from the railway station.

If you prefer not to walk, taxis are available at the railway stations of Sierre and Sion.