Take your class on a fun and educative field trip to the center of the earth. You might want to combine your visit with a walk through the wineyards or a visit of the medieval castles of Sion.

Follow the link to see an offer including rail transportation and access to the cave:

Schedule :

Early tours available on request for groups, starting at 9 am any day during the season. (Previous booking needed)


We know that accurate planning and timing is essential when traveling with groups. Therefore groups may book a departure at a specific time. Groups with confirmed prior booking have preference for boarding and can skip queue line.
Note that in case of delay on your side, you must inform us at least 45 minutes before the planned arrival, otherwise we will not be able to grant you priority on boarding .

Duration of the tour :

Around 30 minutes on the boat. For a stop-over with a group, 60 to 90 minutes are needed from the time the clients get out of the bus until they are back at the parking lot.

Boats and capacity :

4 boats are available for a total capacity of 120 people.
1 boat with 16 seats, 2 boats with 32 seats, 1 boat with 40 seats.

Parking :

Free parking lot for private vehicles and coaches, 100 meters away from the entrance.

School price:

CHF 7.- per kid (5-15 year old), 1 adult free per 10 students.